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St. Georges Bay Mi'kmaq Headstone Inscriptions

West Coast Region ~ Port au Port District

De Grau - De Grau Cemetery

Cemetery is located in De Grau, looking out over Bay St. George.

Headstone inscriptions were collected by Jasen Benwah, August 12, 2002 and prepared for the Internet by Jasen S. Benwah. While we have tried to be as accurate as possible, there could be some errors. If you should find any errors, or have other inscriptions to add, then please contact me. I should point out that these are additional gravestones that are not listed with the GenWeb De Grau cementary listings.

BenoitAnn Nancy Jessohusband Adolph
November 18, 1912April 23, 1938
June 3, 1927
July 15, 1974
CornectMildredwife of WallaceApril 13, 1927
August 26, 2002
CornectWallacehusband of Mildred1920
November 1, 2002
Le PageClaude--

July 20, 1946
Age 60 years
(Damois) BenoitEllenwife of Joseph
June 4, 1878
November 21, 1913
(Poirier) BenoitEmily Annwife of Jean
March 1878
Nov 21, 1913

(Benoit) ChiassonGenevieve (Jane) wife of Julien
July 21, 1851
January 31, 1937

PhillipsSophie B.--1903
? - Wooden Crosses--Some broken- all unreadable
?Cement Markers -- Unreadable or Plaque missing- all unreadable
many grave mounds with no crosses or gravestones

Name on HeadstoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
Benoit Adolph Benoit born December 26, 1905 died April 15, 1963 Husband of Ann Nancy Jesso and then Isabelle Costard Jasen

Please report any errors or omissions

The above data was collected, transcribed and posted to the Internet in August 2002 by Jasen S. Benwah.

© 2002 Jasen S. Benwah