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St George's Bay Mi'kmaq

Jacques Lejeune

Stephen White's acknowledgement of Jacques Lejeune

Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 9:21 AM

Subject: Alexis and Jacques Lejeune - Answer from Stephen A. White

Mr. Young

The part of the Dictionnaire genealogique des famiiles acadiennes tliat has been published so far covers only the families that came into existence prior to Jan 1, 1715, and these do not include the two individuals you mention. The second part of the Dictionnaire, which I trust will be published over the course of the next decade, does include a Jacques LeJeune who was born on Cape Breton Island about 1779. This second part, however, is limited to the families that were formed between 1715 and 1780, and does not reach as far as the AIexis Lejeune you mention who was born about 1797. Alexis was, I believe a son of Francois Lejeune and his cousin Marguerite Lejeune, who were married at St. George's Anglican Church, Sydney. Sept 17, 1793 Francois and Marguerite both appear in the second part of the Dictionnaire. He was a son of Joseph Lejeune and Martine Roy. And she was a daughter of Chrystome Lejeune and Louise-Marguerite Hache dit Gailant. Joseph Lejeune and Chrystome Lejeune were half-brothers. The Jacques Lejeune mentioned above was another of Chrystome's children and thus was Alexis Lejeune's uncle on the latter's mother's side. The half-brothers were sons of Germaine Lejeune who is mentioned on page 1052 of the first part of the Dictionnaire.

Stephen A. White



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