Madonna Louvelle

Madonna Louvelle

Madonna Louvelle, a band council member and past-secretary, on the council that will soon have its name changed to Indian Head First Nations Band Council.

"I envision a bright future with hopes of continuing education, employment and restoration of the Mi'Maq culture, based on caring and respect for each individual of our band council with equality for all." she said.

Louvelle said if gatherings are entered in peace, they can extend their kindness to others. But, if they meet with aggressiveness, members will not be content with their lives and will not be able to grow as a group. She said their foundation, being based on their ancestors and what they have learned from them. should enable them to do better since they are now in a more equipped world.

"Throughout my involvement with the band, I have met many spiritual leaders who have helped me realize who 1 am as a person and as part of a group that it is my duty to help." she said. "These persons have displayed attributes of such great respect, kindness, perseverance and peace within themselves that it has inspired me to try to follow the same lifestyle."

She is hoping to attain these same characteristics and pass them on to others so that power and materialistic values are put in proper perspective.She said if they have a good foundation, all else will come into place easier.

Madonna Louvelle stands next to artist Scott Butt's carving of an aboriginal mermaid in Dhoon Lodge, Black Duck Siding. Louvelle, said she has an appreciation for such art..

excerpt from March 12, 2002 issue of the Western Star

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Originally posted on March 14, 2002

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