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November - Keptekewiku's - Frost Month

  1. - Nepkik Alasutmelsewujik - Prayers for the Dead - All Saints Day 1993 - Under the authority of the Grand Council, Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy and 13 members of the Afton, Membertou, and Shubenacadie First Nations participate in a Mi'kmaq Atlantic Salmon Harvest on the Margaree River in Cape Breton. Department of Fisheries and Oceans had offered the Mi'kmaq 1,000 salmon from the Margaree if they would sign communal license agreements. The Mi'kmaq refuse to sign, choosing instead to take no more than 15 salmon because of declining stocks.
  2. - 1990 - First issue of the Micmac Maliseet Nations News is published this month.
  3. - 1998 - The Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs declare the planned tree clearing associated with the Sable gas pipeline is an infringement on Aboriginal title and may disturb sacred and archaeologically significant sites.
  4. - 1993 - Nimbus Publishers launch Daniel N. Paul's ground breaking book, "We Were Not the Savages". Nearly 300 people attend the event including Nova Scotia Premier John Savage, who apparently, was one of the Savages. 1994 - Official opening of the Eskasoni Mi'kmaq Recreation Centre. Elder Dan K. Stevens cuts the ribbon to officially open the rink.
  5. - 1971 - Donald Marshall Jr. is found guilty in the death of Bobby Seale.
  6. - 1972 - The November issue of the Micmac News reports Clarence Gloade is the lone resident of the Gold River Reserve. He wonders what will become of the reserve if the Nova Scotia Department of Highways goes ahead with its planned highway through Gold River.
  7. - 1985 - Indian Affairs Minister David Crombie tours Eskasoni and is presented with a list of demands.
  8. - 1973 - Crane Cove Oyster Farm Ltd., which opened in Eskasoni two years earlier, harvests its first crop.
  9. - 1925 - Several Mi'kmaq families move from the King's Road Reserve to Caribou Marsh as a result of a 1915 court order.
  10. - 1987 - Sod is turned for a new multi-purpose, $500,000 facility at Millbrook.
  11. - Sma'knisk Na'kwekmuow - Remembrance Day - We recall that during World War I, every eligible Mi'kmaq male in Sydney enlisted. 1945 - Leo Cope of Millbrook First Nation loses his life on the last day of the Second World War. 1985 - War Memorial is unveiled at Membertou inscribed with 178 names of Mi'kmaq veterans of World War I, World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
  12. - 1985 - Dr. Marie Battiste is named Woman of the Year by the Sydney Business & Professional Women's Club.
  13. -
  14. - 1978 - Allison Bernard is elected chief of Eskasoni after an unsuccessful bid in 1976.
  15. -
  16. - 1995 - Mi'kmaw Education Authority changes its name to Mi'kmaw Kina'masuti (Mi'kmaw Education). 17 -
  17. - 1997 - Ronald Jacques is elected chief of Listuguj First Nation, while sons Paul, Rodney, and Roland are elected as councilors.
  18. - 1975 - Supreme Court of Canada upholds 1763 Proclamation in Stephen Isaac case. 2001 - Eskasoni High School students choose Elder Wilfred Prosper as Role Model of the Year, exemplifying the Mi'kmaq attributes of wisdom, humility, honesty, patience, truth, and love.
  19. - 1794 - Jay Treaty means Mi'kmaq may pass freely over Canada - U.S. border.
  20. - 1985 - The Supreme Court of Canada finds in favour of James Simon of Shubenacadie First Nation, who appealed his conviction of illegally possessing a rifle and cartridges. He contended the 1752 Treaty exempted him from such prosecution and the Supreme Court concurred. 1996 - Final report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples is made public after being tabled in the House of Commons. 2001 - Archaeologists and staff of Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq find an 11,000 year old scraper on the Mi'kmawey - Debert site. The scraper would have been used to clean caribou hides.
  21. - 1752 - Treaty is signed by Jean Baptiste Cope (Chief Copit or "Beaver"), Andrew Hadley Martin, Gabriel Martin, and Francoise Jeremie and His Majesty and subjects and the Governor of Nova Scotia Peregrine Thomas Hopson Esquire.
  22. - 1991 - Grand Chief Donald Marshall Sr. receives posthumous Tom Miller Award for Human Rights. 1998 - Charges are laid against 22 Mi'kmaq for logging on Crown Land in Colchester and Hants Counties, Nova Scotia.
  23. - 1994 - Prosecutor Michael Paré comments to Mr. Justice John D. Embree: "It is probably inevitable however this case resolves itself, that this case will be on its way to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal and perhaps, in all likelihood, on its way to the Supreme Court of Canada." - regarding the trial stemming from the 1993 illegal fishing charges against Donald Marshall Jr.
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  26. - 1982 - Terry Paul and Bernie Francis of Membertou receive awards from the Cape Breton Running Circuit.
  27. - 1792 - Lt. Governor Macarmick grants Chapel Island to the Mi'kmaq. Chiefs Francis Baske and Michael Tomma receive permission to construct a church there. Baske and Tomma resided in what is now Westmount, Nova Scotia.
  28. -
  29. - 1851 - News is received today that Chief Michael Dennie, aged 90, had died earlier in November at Crow Harbour, Guysborough. 1992 - The Burnt Church Training Centre is officially opened by Chief Wilbur Dedam and New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna.

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