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Double CD Release Party held in Toronto March 16th
At Royal Canadian Legion-150-8th St., New Toronto 2-6 PM
By Violet Campbell, November 2, 2003

reg_benoit_promo.jpg REG BENOITíS- ONE LUCKY MAN

KMA Records, of Nashville, TN have announced that March 16th, 2003, they released two new CDís they recorded of popular Canadian Country Music Artists, Mary Rowan and Reg Benoit. Both CDís were recorded late last year. These CDís were released not only to Country radio in Canada, but worldwide, by the KMA Records.

Reg Benoitís, One Lucky Man reflects Regís feelings about having the opportunity to record this CD. An accident back in 1998 has left him with life altering problems, and most thought he wouldnít survive the injuries he received, let alone live to record again, over five years later. It was probably the most difficult recording he has done to date, but with a lot of time, and the patience of Recording Engineer, Mike Bradford, and much encouragement from Keith Bradford, the Producer, the CD finally came together. The obstacles, of health problems, have made this CD very special to Reg and he is very proud to have the opportunity to record it.

Reg usually writes all his own material, but since the accident has been unable to write anything he felt was worthy of recording. However, he did record four songs that he had previously written himself or were co-writes.

One song, A Prayer Is Like A Phone Call, was one he really wanted to see included on this CD. David Clark of Etobicoke wrote the lyrics, and Reg wrote the music. Another of the songs, When The Hunger Strikes Again, was a co-write with Alice Faye Sawyer of Barrie.

Reg felt privileged to have Randy Albright of Nashville write the six other cuts on this CD. Randy has written songs for many Nashville greats, such as Vince Gill and others.

Manager, Violet Campbell, of Campbell Productions and Promotions, negotiated contracts for both artists last November and both Reg Benoit and Mary Rowan have been signed for an additional two years with KMA Records, Nashville. They will both be appearing on stage at the Tennessee Country Music Alliance Awards Show, in April, in Nashville.

This Double CD Release Party was held at the Royal Canadian Legion, 150-8th Street, in New Toronto, on March 16th. There were a great band, special guests, and more. The time was from 2pm to 6pm, and the room was wheelchair accessible from the back door, via elevator. Advance tickets were purchased for only $7. each by calling 905-274-8874 or 705-324-4204. It wase a wonderful afternoon of great music, for those who came out and join them.

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