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Mi'kmaq Alliance is the way of the future

Dear Editor,

In refereace to the article Mi'Kmaq alliance by Bert Alexander in the Georgian for July 16-22, 2002.

It is long overdue that the Mi'Kmaq peopte of Bay St. George and all of Newfoundland be allowed to be heard and given fair treatment by the federal government.

In my opinion and many others the federation of Newfoundland Indians is run by a select group that are not accountable to anyone. It is. time for a change and the new Mi'Kmaq alliance under the guidance of Chief Bert Alexander is the way of the future.

I have been a member of the Bay St. George Indian band council and the Stephenville-Stephenville Crossing band council for approximately 2S years. My documents that were o.k'd by an antropologist and her assistant were sent to the federation of Newfoundland Indians. The same documents I presented to a past Chief. I was sent a letter from that chief stating that I did not qualify for membership in the Stephenville - Stephenvitle Crossing Band Council. That is strange for I have a card No. 0336 signed by that same chief, that I am a member in good standing of the Stephenville - Stephenville Crossing band council until December 31, 2002.

I think that chief would only allow people in the band that he wants there, not anyone that is actually eligible. Is this discrimination or what?

I would like to hear from anybody else who has had problems with applications for membership in the Indian bands. It is a known fact that the Federal Government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Bay St. George area this past number of years and had nothing to show for it.

Chief Bert Alexander says in his column that his committee and if they qualify they can join the Mi'Kmaq alliance.

I feel there is a big change coming for the Mi'Kmaq people of Newfoundland so join now and let your voice be heard.

Stan Baldwin


The Georgian

July 23-29, 2002

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