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Armed-drifter Frons Olivar 1915 disaster

Curling, Bay od Islands, Newfoundland, Wednesday, October 20, 1915


Commander McDermott; H.M.S. Calypso, received a message Wednesday morning from the Admiralty, stating that five membersof the Newfoundland Rovnl Naval Reserve, who had formed part of the crew of the armed diifter Frons Olivar were lost when that ship struck a mine and was blown up the previous day in the North Sea.

The men are :

Victor J. Benoit, son of Joseph Benoit, Cape St. George.

Walter James Hynes, son of Mrs. David Hynes, Port au Port.

George Hussey LeDrew, brother of John LeDrew, Cupids.

Stephen Sparks, son of Mrs. Fanny Sparks, Georgetown, Brigus. Has another brother serving who joined at the same time.

Wm. Mark Woolridge, son of Elizabeth Woolridge, Fogo.

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